Safety during Nordic Championships

Together with Road Saftey, mobile guards, commissioners and our  own guards, will IF Frøy do the utmost to ensure that security is as good as possible.

We have collaborated with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the police, Viken county municipality and the Norwegian Cycling Association to find routes that are both sporting good and traffic safe. At the same time, we want the race to create as little trouble as possible for the residents in the area.

The roads both in the  Time Trial and the Road  Race,will be closed in the opposite direction of the race. The exception is a bit on the Algarheim road and just before the roundabout with the E16 in the joint start. In both places there is a wide and nice road.

We remind cyclists to stay on the right side of the road. Even if the road is closed, we cannot guarantee that motorists will not enter the oncoming direction without detection of it.

During the time trial, we have stationary guards (who can stop traffic) at all important intersections. We also have mobile guards on motorbikes and   commissioners  cars on the route. During the Road Race  there are stationary guards at all important intersections. At the junction at the roundabout over the E16 there are also police. In front of each starting grouå there is a mobile guard on a motorcycle and a front car. Behind the field there is a commissioners car. We also have

Danish and Finnish riders must show a license

Riders from Denmark and Finland must show a valid Masters license when picking up their entry number.

All cyclists from Norwegian and Swedish clubs have had their license checked and therefore do not need to present a license certificate.

The envelopes of participants from Danish and Finnish clubs are marked with an red L (see picture) making it is easy for the secretariat and participants to see that the license should be checked.

Pre-check of Time Trial bikes

All Time Trial bikes used in the race on Saturday 29 July will be checked  before start.

All participants must  meet at the start no later than 15 minutes before their start time.

It will be possible to pre-check the bike at the following times:

Friday 28 July at 8 p.m to 9.30 p.m at Quality Airport Gardermoen hotel.

Saturday, July 29 from 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. at the start.

It is recommended to do pre-check on Friday night, to avoid getting busy  on Saturday if you need to do changes on your bike

We emphasize that the bike is not approved even if it is pre-checked . Official approval takes place just before starting.

You can find the regulations for Time Trial Bikes here.

The start lists are published

The start times for the time trial and the starting groups for the Road Racetare published.

In the Time Trial on Saturday 29 July, seeding has been carried out in accordance with the regulations for the Nordic Cycling Championships.

Here is the start list for Time Trial on EQ Timing.

The list can be found in pdf format here.

Here is the starting list for the Road Race of EQ Timing.

The list can be found in pdf format here.