Colours used on numbers Sunday

The different classes in the Road Race  Sunday have different colours of the back numbers. That’s because cyclists should be able to see if a competitor is in the same class or not.


W 30-34                             Red
W 35-39                             Yellow
W 40-44                             Blue
W 45-45                             Green
W 50-54                             Red  
W 55-56                             Yellow
W 60-64                             Blue

M 30-34                             Red  
M 35-39                             Yellow
m 40-44                             Blue
M 45-49                             Green
M 50-59                             Red  
M  55-59                            Yellow
M 60-64                             Blue
M  65-69                            Green
M 70-74                             Red  
M 75-79                             Yellow
M 80+                                 Blue