Commissaire Gunnar is satisfied with the routes

The experienced commissaire Gunnar Elsveen has been on an inspection of the trails for the Nordic Masters road championships, and is well satisfied with what he saw: – There is every reason why these should be good races, both sportingly and in terms of safety.

Gunnar has been a commissioner in many large national and international races for several decades, and is one of the commissioners during the Mastershampionships.

He inspected  the tracks a short time ago, and is sure that there will be tough and sportingly good rides on roads with little traffic.

– The trails do not have any  long and steep climbs, but they are hilly and will differentiate well, he believes.

Some people have reacted that it seems that there are a lot of cracks in the road in the videos that have been posted. This does not worry Commissioner Elsveen.

– The roads have not settled after a hard winter, and much will correct itself before the end of July. I have also arranged an inspection of the route a month before the rides. If there are still cracks, they will be repaired, he says.

Race director Jørn Michalsen also reassures those who have only seen the videos and who have not physically been on the routes.

– In the video, the roughly 30 kilometers in the Road Race  route are run through in 8 minutes. It  corresponds to a speed of around 225 kilometer  an hour . Then all cracks look more dramatic on the slopes. We will contact the appropriate authorities so that they can make improvements where necessary. We can promise very good routes on the last weekend in July, he says.