The route for the Road Race has been changed

At the request of Viken County Council, the route for the Road Race has been changed in the first and last kilometres.

The county does not want Åsvegen to be used. Instead, the following pathways are used at the start:

The start and finish will be in Myrhusvegen in the same place as in the Time Trial. The cyclists turn right up Rambydalsvegen. At the junction with the Algarheim Road (Fv 178) turn right. The Algarheim road is followed to the junction with Åsvegen. Here the original route is followed to the junction of Fv 178 and E16 (roundabout). From here, follow Fv 450 until the cyclists turn right onto Rambydalsvegen.

The riders cycle two, three or four laps before turning right onto Myrhusvegen to the finish.

The course with the road to the start/finish is a total of 36.8 km, while the actual round without start/finish is 34.9.

It provides the following distances:

All women and men from 65 years and older ride 2 laps, which is 71.7 km
Men 50-54, 55-59 and 60-64 ride 3 laps, which is 106.6 km
Men 30-34, 35-39, 40-44 and 45-49 ride  4 laps, which is 141.5 km