Watch video of the routes

Now you can see how the trails during the Nordic ChampionshipsMasters Road live.

We have filmed both the course for Time Trial  and for the Roadrace, so that participants can familiarize themselves with profiles and turns in advance.

In some places, there are potholes and cracks in the road after a harsh winter. This looks worse filmed from the car and putting at high speed. However, the organisers will ask the road authorities to rectify these sections before the race.

There is usually little traffic in the routes, and we encourage those who have the opportunity to test these out in advance. During the Road race, the entire route will, with two short exceptions, be blocked to oncoming traffic. The time trial will also have restrictions for other traffic in large parts of the route.

Watch video of the Time Trial route here.

Watch video of the Road Race route her.

See maps of the routes here.